About us

POLYPROFIL s.r.o. was founded in autumn 1993 with the intention to build a plant for the production of extruded technical profiles with an emphasis on large assortment of electric installation products. This goal was successfully achieved thanks to the company founders and their experience in extrusion technologies and their knowledge of the relevant markets.

Currently, the company annual turnover represents about CZK 70 million. At present time, our product range represents 105 different items - a huge increase from the original two types of electric installation trunking. Our partners are in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania and Russia.

Where required, our products carry the necessary certificates valid at home and in countries listed above.

Our main motto is partnership and cooperation. We focus on quality improvement, mutual research and innovations and ways increase effectiveness of development, production and services.

If you are interested in mutual cooperation, please let us know. We welcome any comments and suggestions and will be glad to help us both to bring them into practice.