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Plastic cable conduits, trunking, plastic fences, PVC technical profiles, Polyprofil garden beams and girders

POLYPROFIL s.r.o. manufactures and distributes mini, maxi, parapet trunking and ducts, plastic fences and various technical profiles made from PVC. We offer a wide range of wiring and cable installation accessories, plastic fencing system and PVC technical and garden beams and girders.
In the Catalogue section you can browse through different types of products. Our company possesses several quality certificates thanks to offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. We supply our products to clients throughout the EU.

Our product range includes:

Plastic electric installation mini, maxi, parapet trunking and ducts and accessories

Plastic trunking, ducts and accessories are made of rigid fire-retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a temperature resistance ranging from -5° C to +60° C.

Plastic fencing system-rails and pickets

Modular plastic fence system is made of hollow plastic rails and pickets used for assembly of  lightweight fences, balconies, handrails, pergolas, benches, various walls, barriers enclosures and sheds.
Plastic beams are manufactured by extrusion technology from sturdy PVC offering long durability and excellent weather resistance. PVC material is also used for the production of extruded frames used in the manufacture of plastic windows.

PVC technical profiles

PVC technical beams and girders are divided into building, construction and furniture products.

Garden products

Plastic post, wine poles and poles for construction of the folds, vineyards, grower of fruit treesand vegetables.

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